Alexander Thorn

Iastra has invested over $5 Million in building a global broadcasting and media streaming infrastructure that now boasts server farms in the US, Europe, Asia, Panama, now beginning a new installation in Brazil and plans to begin a new installation in Australia just around the corner, our large footprint currently is sufficient to broadcast the very largest of live events and Recorded Media that will have very large viewership, Iastra has also built our own end user websites that viewers will go to to watch these live shows as well as buy and rent Movies and other pre-recorded media.

With the distribution websites in place we are now licensing organizations in all countries to operate Iastra Broadcasting offices using the Iastra Delivery Platform in their region. This will give Iastra events and original content from all regions of the world in all languages to be broadcasted and sub licensed out to other networks both cable and internet based for even farther distribution.

The Iastra infrastructure has the capability of reaching absolutely every connected person on the planet with a super high quality (TV quality)Media Stream that is on the very leading edge of technology today. To date Iastra has streamed over 720,000 media streams flawlessly without incident or downtime largely due to our Redundant network Architecture, iastra has also had over 250 Million visitors to our network sites, all of our content is mirrored on all servers and people are routed to the server closest to them providing them the absolute fastest network and highest quality streaming experience possible today. Iastra's has the fastest serving and hosting platform technologically possible today bar none.