Alexander John

I speak my mind. I never mind what I speak. I live on the edges of the spectrum. But strangely enough, I thrive on consensus and finding that middle path. Hmm…now that is unbelievably contradictory. But it’s true. The edges are nature’s placement. The middle path, a conscious corrective choice. I guess I would say I’m normal. Considering that normality is nothing more than a group of people displaying the same deviant behavior, there must be a bunch of similar birds around. Languishing in jail, in strait jackets, staring at blank walls…somewhere around. Life is like some upbeat track. Every passing mundane day spirals into the same pointless existence we savor, until at the crescendo, playing games, fighting with each other, running after laurels that hardly matter…existing… I wake up to something that brings everything crashing down. And in that silence, I see life at its barest form, remember what is most important in life…hear the wails, feel unadulterated emotions….and then the beat starts again. Work happens sometime in between.