alexander varid


My name is varid

this is my biography

I was born in selayar and raised on a screen there
I seek my life studying in Makassar like this
Makassar city is a very pleasant because this is where I
had lots of friends
and some interesting experience ......
I'll tell you a little about the road-life .......

Brother, ......

Life is a long way to endless, as long as there is breath remains, as long as there is still hope in the soul, the spirit to always try. That is a mirror of life that will always show your face and reflect inward.

Life comes from a living thing, not only the body but also the soul. Emptiness and emptiness in life as a walking corpse without soul. Sometimes without realizing we've been there and are desperate because they are unattainable ideals.

Brother, .....

In this life is not always sweet journey we will take and be the happiest memories of our lives. But there are thorns - thorns are small, steep road, even uphill and winding road, but there was also a steep downhill but the frame on the left and right of the cliff ready to pulverize our lives. Just how we, a captain in the ship's life. As people say "weapon is not dangerous, but the person holding the weapon that makes dangerous". It is we who so decisive in the process of life.