Alexandr Cherednichenko

Web Developer, Software Engineer, and Musician in Moscow, Russia

I am a Full-Stack JavaScript Developer / Architect.

I love my job.
Even if I had the different occupation, I would be coding something in my spare time.

I like good teams with people smarter than me, clean code, good architecture, reasonable solutions, modern technologies, challenges and thinking before doing.
Producing something that mimics a working app is not an option for me.
Though I know that the perfect code and brilliant architecture doesn't matter if it is delivered too late.

I don't like work that doesn't require learning at all, not using TDD for any reason (though sometimes clients are asking to forget about tests on first steps), breaking SOLID/GRASP/etc principles, pasta code, overengineering, using outdated or unsuitable tech stack without serious reason, being the only person who can answer what needs to be done and why across the entire team and... well, jQuery.


- Analytical mindset
- Proficiency in software architecture design, programming principles/patterns
- Always up to date with latest technologies and best-practices.
- Rapid learning and problem-solving skills


- Angular
- React
- Redux
- RxJS
- Vue
- node.js
- ES6+ (Stage0)
- TypeScript
- WebPack/Babel
- Grunt/Gulp
- CI & Collaboration Tools


(People usually have this section on their profiles...)

I didn't save anyone's life (I guess), didn't make a scientific discovery, didn't create an art masterpiece, didn't write an advanced AI...

I've taught myself everything required to be a top-level professional in my area, I've delivered a number of large applications and made a lot of interesting things...
But I would not call any of these an "Achievement".

I'm just a regular guy who loves programming and who knows how to do it right.

  • Work
    • JavaScript Engineer
  • Education
    • MIPT