Alexandr Cherednichenko

Web Developer, Software Engineer, and Musician in Moscow, Russia

I am a Full-Stack JavaScript Developer / Architect.I love my job.Even if I had the different occupation, I would be coding something in my spare time.I love to do things right. Elegant solutions, well structured beautiful and readable code. Produce something that mimics a working app is not an option for me.But I know that the perfect code and brilliant architecture doesn't matter if it is delivered too late.Following SOLID principles and using GRASP, TDD, DDD & etc helps to keep the balance.Key qualities:- Analytical mindset- Proficiency in software architecture design, programming principles / patterns- Always up to date with latest technologies and best-practices.- Rapid learning and problem-solving skillsExpertise:Complex web applications with Angular.js & node.js.Some Achievements:- I've Taught myself everything required to be a top-level professional in my area.- I've delivered a number of large & complex web applications in a mid-senior & senior roles.- Being in a Senior role very first time, managed to build a custom framework on top of angular in order to meet changed requirements (for example, partial backend rendering). And completely migrate an existing huge angular app component-by-component without any delays in the development of new features within 2 months.Key Skills:- Angular- Redux- node.js- ES6/7 (ES.Stage0)- TypeScript- WebPack/Babel- Grunt/GulpDesired salary:- 6500$/month- 40$/h

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