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Alexandra Cruz

CEO, Filmmaker, and author in Los Angeles, California

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Alexandra Cruz is a California-born entrepreneur, publisher, and author. She is the CEO and Founder of CON - a publishing and film production company specifically created for film adaptations, providing self-published authors the opportunity of traditional publication and film adaptation. CON is her first company in a career spanning various mediums from print to film.

Cruz is based in Los Angeles, California where she spends most of her time working on novels, screenplays and establishing her company's role in the publishing and film industries. During the startup stage Cruz has managed to reach a wide audience of creative artists who share an interest in boosting the esteem of self-published authors. She has instituted a platform that provides the essential tools for success in all areas of the entertainment industry.

"Writing is the author's way out of the dark, and we should be cautious of those who offer to guide the light."

- Alexandra Cruz

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