Alexandra Davison


Hi, as you can tell I'm called Alexandra. I grew up in and am still living in a teeny tiny place called Murton. I went to a pretty crappy primary school after my first school got knocked down and then went on to the even more wonderful Hetton School. It wasn't brilliant and I hated pretty much every minute of it but I met some cool people there. Now I'm at Durham Sixth Form and I think I've made some friends for life! I would say I'm enjoying life right now and I'm hoping to go on to University and maybe some day get the qualifications to be a teacher, although my biggest dream is to have my own Bakery. I have a really big passion for music and even though I have zero musical talent it plays a big role in my life. I couldn't imagine going a single day without listening to music. I would say so far the best day of my life would be seeing Muse live in Manchester. They're by far my favourite band and I'll remember that day forever... I'm currently really interested in art and photography and have got blogs for each for my college courses. That's it really.. I hope you enjoy my blogs!

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