Alexandra Halbeck

Boston MA

Alexandra Halbeck is an entrepreneurially-minded recent graduate from Tufts University and a Founding Managing Director at Jumbo Ventures, a micro-seed Angel syndicate focused on catalyzing the ventures of Tufts students and alumni in capital efficient sectors like tech/internet. When not shuffling among the countless windows that eternally occupy her laptop screen, Alexandra can be found exploring her world, chasing stars and seeking new opportunities for positive change through creative solutions. She frequently spends her free moments pondering new ways to scale both real and gym rock walls, meandring around parks and lakes barefoot (Old Nikon FM3 in hand), figuring out where she might travel next, laughing at herself and digging deeper into her research and professional endeavors. Alexandra is: fiercely motivated, articulate, goofy, involved, genuine, dorky and empathetic. All rumors of her intense love of cheese, donuts and French macarons are entirely accurate.

  • Education
    • Tufts University -- Class of 2014