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Alexandra McKay

I would like to introduce you to my blogosphere. A simple place to
view the world through a young woman’s eyes and experiences. Just giggling over the ironic times that, no doubt, will happen to every girl in her journey to establish independence, to find her passion, and to channel her inner charm to make it a smooth ride.

Searching for Cake, a title I pondered and articulated many times
during my "should I start blogging or not?" moments. Now, I don’t literally mean cake (as in the delicious bakery good that goes straight to the hips) Anyone can find that! I mean those tangible and intangible moments, things, and experiences in life that "cake" represents. The popular saying reads, “You can’t HAVE your cake and eat it too.” Well, this little lady is on a hunt to reinvent and prove that saying wrong- in the most modern fashion, of course. My goal is to search for those delectable moments, hang on to them, and to savor and indulge on life's beauties and mysteries. Now, that is "cake."

My name is Alexandra, a 25 year-old Maine native, county-bred lady, and recent Southern Maine resident. I couldn’t be more excited about my recent transition to this unique area with lots of possibility! I am a fitness/nutrition enthusiast and I try to maintain a balance between athletic ability and feminine elegance.

Really, just a girl that loves to play in the kitchen, gab about the
musings of a 20-something chick, and spend time with loved ones. Because, honestly, what is better than great people, good food, and the right kind of wine paired with life's "cake"?