Alexandra M


For me it all started with chemistry & life science, where
a fun & very rewarding part was writing reports, creating illustrations, presentations & posters, and publishing articles. Besides being fun, scientific communication was also very compliant with my personal characteristics - social, outgoing & communicative - and it became a huge interest.

To further explore this field, I took the chance to work as a technical communicator, but this time describing more hands-on items, such as filling machines & straw applicators. Yup, it's true... far from life sci, pharma and med tech. But since the job involved a high degree of responsibility and social interactions, and also required
a lot of drive, enthusiasm, energy and coordination skills, I enjoyed this out-of-life-science position so much that I stayed for several years.

After that, I felt that it was time to go back to science. I put on my consulting shoes and headed towards validation and compliance first, and later towards medical devices. Due to a (what I later understood it to be) very fortunate turn of events,
I ended up in what I today consider to be my Best Job Ever, working with medical devices & packaging.

A great position in many aspects, and one that so clearly defined what I am good at and what I should be working with, and at what level. The job required a combination of science/chemistry skills, specific personal qualities (organised, structured, sense of responsibility and urgency, social, communicative), and coordination/project management & technical documentation skills. I was exactly at the right place, and I learned a lot about myself, medical devices, PD and PM.

Looking back, *medical devices* has been a recurring event and is now one of my main interests. My next Best Job Ever could be a carbon copy of that specific position, but I can also see myself working with other parts of product development, e.g. risk management, or even production. And, since I have experience from other fields than life science, it could be a coordinating role in a whole different area. The most important thing is not where I work, but what I do.

My next Best Job Ever would also include the bestest colleagues, the ones that are as social, hard-working and enthusiastic about the job as I am, and who also like a humoristic twist when appropriate.

  • Education
    • Ph Lic Biotechnology, M Sc Chemistry, Natural Communicator