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Alexandra Spinner

Los Angeles, California, United States

When you meet Alexandra Spinner, it's like meeting a warm, genuine and fiery spirit. For over three decades her vibrant and energetic personality has only added to her reputation for transforming already near perfect physiques into works of art. And now she's bringing these secrets to you!

As a native Californian from Beverly Hills brimming with East coast roots, Alex has her pulse on what fitness enthusiast love and what athletes strive for the most.....incredible health, a quality lifestyle and living a full and balanced life.

Her exposure to the high demands of Hollywood's finest talent, the requirements for immediate physical transformations for TV and Movies beloved artists gave her the explicit eye and fine-tuned incentive to devise specific and challenging training routines that could catapult an actress or actors figure or physique in very short periods of time.

With these arsenal of results, Alex learned quickly that this style of maximizing full body synchronized programs; combined with absolute sound diet and nutrition was the ultimate key. It works so well that the dynamic determination from her clients is ever growing and her unique services are in demand!

Alex passionately continues to develop programs, skill sets, and key communication techniques to compliment the demands of better athletic performance for a variety of many sports. She devises easy go-to fitness programs for hardworking executives with limited schedules and high stress jobs. She brought the possibility of fitness and exercise to the many stay-at-home moms who couldn't get to the gym. And she inspired many teens and college students to excel in the their studies by including exercise into their daily lives.

Her client results are consistent; surpassing all expectations. Alex's style utilizes absolute documented science, the core basics of all strength training as well as physique design and sculpting. At the heart of it all is always, always rich nutrition. Her flare for inspiring her clients to dig deep within themselves is a constant. She uses rapid visualization techniques and positive reinforcement affirmations. She is always seeking exceptional solutions for each and every clients personal requirements.

Holding several certifications with the American Council on Exercise, The International Sports and Science Association, R

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