Alexandra Stryder

The World!

There is much that could be said about the author of
this book, but being a relatively private person, Alexandra Stryder prefers to keep at least a touch of mystery about her life. However, what we know about her is this…Alexandra Stryder is a distant relative of Mrs. Harriet Featherspoons. Upon inheriting Harriet’s carpet bag at the tender age of fifteen, Stryder found herself suddenly overtaken by a barrage of strange happenings.

While still in boarding school, she was known as the “Gypsy Medium”, and delighted all of her friends by drawing in the most peculiar ghosts imaginable, (and occasionally speaking in a range of different voices that were definitely NOT her own). An avid tarot card reader, numerology fanatic (well not as much anymore) and always aware of energy vibrations, by the time she reached university, Ms. Stryder was a perfect fit for a career in anthropology and the study of shamanism. But the real magic all started when on her 21st birthday a special package arrived and inside was Harriet’s special Tibetan cap. From then on, there was no hope.

Alexandra Stryder is a world traveler, a writer, an urban shaman, a magic hunter, and with it all…a consummate giggler. And while it is reported that she lives somewhere in California, she has also been sighted with the Master in the Cornish countryside, on the streets of New Orleans, occasionally dangling from the Space Needle in Seattle, stalking Parisian bookstalls, and in the far reaches of the Australian gold coast.

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