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Alex Marie Watkins

My name is Alex Marie Watkins and I'm a graphic and web designer. I live in the Midwestern area of the United States. I love color, weird fonts, interesting design, and negative space. I enjoy coding with HTML, CSS, and sometimes even Javascript!

My style is unique, old cartoons and folk art really inspire me- neither looks too forced or too serious. I’m drawn to them because of the characters in them. I especially love drawing people and they are always so special to draw because it’s like I’m getting to know them, even though I’m not actually speaking to them (which is awkward). I appreciate them more after I’m done drawing them. Looking at the curves of their face, their wrinkles, freckles, eyes, scars, and expressions. People are so striking and that exists even more so when I’m looking at their faces at 1600% magnification.

  • Education
    • Indiana University