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Alexandra Ekkelenkamp

As of January 2013, I coordinate social media at the Council of the European Union. I'm the driving force behind the developing social media strategy within the Council and also work work on crisis comms & live web casts of Council public sessions. Before joining the Council, I worked at 2 Dutch Ministries (Foreign Affairs + Interior & Kingdom Relations) on press and public comms. Before that, I was a trainee with Hitachi Ltd. in Japan and the European Parliament's Press Service.

Coolest social media thing I did so far? Organize the first ever Twitter Q&A with European Council president Herman van Rompuy. I've also done some liveblogging, managed a Tweet wall + social media stand for EU Open Doors and managed our social media channels (including @EUCouncilPress & @euhvr).

I love public speaking and do it often- current record audience is 500 people (and I helped organize that event, too!). Coolest thing I've done so far according to my mum? Possibly being interviewed by Dutch national television. I regularly give presentations to a wide range of groups- most recently at the Social Media Strategies Summit. I love doing that & am always open to new opportunities to share knowledge.

I am into history, languages, travel, yoga. I care about (EU) politics, current affairs, women's rights, social (in)equality and foreign policy. I love music and will listen to almost anything. I sing as well. I lost my heart to Japan once, and have fond childhood memories of Indonesia.