Alexandra Hutchinson

Historian and Archivist in York, United Kingdom

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I'm an archivist. It's epic.

Somehow I’ve managed to remain (for a decade, no less) the company historian and archivist to one of the world’s largest businesses, without any history qualifications. I tremble every day lest I be found out.

I love my work because I am absolute ruler of a vast and exciting archive full of pre-war films, victorian glass photographic negatives, and a 1920s advertising robot as big as me (to name but three of the gems).

I’m regularly consulted on the history of confectionery, the importance of the philanthropist-Quaker Rowntree family, and the history of their pioneering factory. It’s a miracle I get any work done. I’ve written and published a book about the history of our confectionery business ( and you can see me repeated regularly on television if you leave BBC 2 switched on for long enough.

At work I can’t reply to all the letters, emails and calls that I get about our history and brands, so we’ve set up a dedicated blog on our history section where I try to reply to one or two of the questions that come in. Take a look to see what I've been up to lately: