Alexandra Noel

My name is Alexandra.I live in France but I am born in west of Guadeloupe.Precisely in Pointe-Noire in 1997.

What I love about my home town is that I can talk with everyone,everyone knows each others and there is full of happiness.

I grew up in Guadeloupe and I moved to Noisy-le-Sec when I was 9.So I have lived in French West Indies for about 9 years and I live in France since only 6 years.

I actually study at the Olympe de Gouges High School.

I'm sociable and I try to be less shy.That's very important to me because there's some things that you can't do in life if you're shy.When I'm with my friends,I like to be crazy and having fun with them.

I enjoy being friendly too.I'm always there for my friends,to talk with them when they are not okay etc...

I've got two sisters and three brothers and I'm the fifth child of the family.I love my whole family (my cousins,auntes,uncles,my gandmother...).They are very important for me and I love them so much !

Let's talk about my favorite hobbies !

I like reading,dancing,watching TV and learn more about the celebrities that I like.I like fashion too.I love being fashionabely dressed and I'm very inspired by my (girls) idols' styles.

I don't know if I can say it but my favorite band is a British band called One Direction and I love Beyonce and Selena Gomez too.

One of my biggest dreams is to go to the USA or maybe to the UK,espacially in London,because I love learning english (and I don't say that because my English teacher is maybe reading this ! ;)).

In the future I would like to be a stewardess because I like airplanes and I also like travelling.So if I can,this is what I would like to be when I'll be older.

So that's all !Hope you enjoyed,bye !Xx