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Alexandra Abrahams

Student, Writer, and Journalist in Old Town, Maine

As a former D1 athlete in the journalism department at the University of Maine, I bring tenacity, drive, and a strong work ethic to the table while being organized with the big picture in mind. I am fully bilingual in English and French with a good grasp of Spanish. I have acquired an eclectic list of contacts over the years that I can turn to when necessary. And if I don't know someone, I definitely know somebody who can connect me. Also as a journalist major I also understand having a command of language is critical from creating good copy to the challenge of receiving 'no' somewhere and then seeing this as a the beginning of the dialogue and an opportunity to shine by finding a way to win. I am extremely organized and pay close attention to details; juggling sport, career, and study taught me to master these skills. Effective time management is key because time is money and we can all use more of that. My 'previous work' section will highlight some of the varied professionals I have had the privilege of working with.

"It is impossible to say enough great things about Alexandra Abrahams, and I giver her my highest recommendation for the CLAS Labby Family Award for Student Achievement." - Josh Roiland, Assistant Professor + CLAS Honors Preceptor of Journalism

  • Education
    • University of Maine