Alexandra De León

Student in Puerto Rico

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Hi, my name is Alexandra De León,I am a student in the University of Puerto Rico in Humacao. Currently studying Education for Kindergarten. I have experience working with children as I help at a summer camp and I also volunteered to help in dance classes for girls between 4-12 years older in my school. In addition, I worked in the school cafeteria as part of my community service. My interest range from science to arts.

Science for me, is a way to explore, being able to create new and biodegradable ways to keep our environment healthy. Arts is a way to appreciate the different ideas, opinions and perspectives. I am a very creative and responsible person, who likes to find fun ways to learn. I believe if you want something and you work hard enough to get you can achieve it. My future goal is to become a professional person, to be able to help others in a compromising and responsible way.

"Alone we are smart. Together we are brilliant"- Steve Anderson
  • Education
    • University of Puerto Rico at Humacao