Alexandra Flavia Marcu

Deva, România

My name is Alexandra Flavia Marcu and I study at Colegiul National 'Decebal' Deva.

I want to discover as many places as I can and make friends all around the world. I first began visiting places in Romania, which were closer as a location but also to her heart. Then, I went to France where me and my father managed to climb Mont Blanc (4810m), the highest peak in Eastern Europe. I was only 12 years old. I also managed to climb, in the Alps, Dome de Neige des Ecrins ( 4015m) and Pic de la Grave (3667m). But my dream didn't stop here and in the 15th October 2010, aged 13, I became the youngest Romanian how climbed on 'Africa's roof' : Kilimanjaro ( 5895m). At 13 years old I climbed Kazbek Peak (5047m) in the Caucasus mountains and in December 2011 I accomplished a national and european age record, by climbing North America's highest peak, Pico de Orizaba.

In 2012, I climbed mount Elbrus (5642m), the highest peak in Europe.

All this was done with the help of the County Council, the Local Council but also other big-hearted sponsors.

My dream is to take the Romanian and my city's flag, Deva, on the peaks that form the Seven Volcanoes Circuit ( the highest volcano on each continent) and I hope to inspire people from my generation to 'forget' the virtual computer world and follow their dreams.

  • Education
    • Colegiul Naţional Decebal Deva