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Alexandra Foucard

Artist, Actor, and Filmmaker in New York

Alexandra Foucard

Artist, Actor, and Filmmaker in New York

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A Broadway, Grammy Nominated Actor

French With A Twist

Whimsically Unpredictable

Unwavering Devotion

Polished Confidence Driven By Conviction

Earthiness Wrapped in High Fashion

Governing Enchantress

Provocative Mischief-Maker

Resilient Romantic

Currently, I am in pre-production with Park Slope Moms. A wacky all-female web series I created.

Arrested Development with cupcakes.Two Brooklyn moms nominate their BFF for president of the PTA. She become drunk with power. Now they must hire “The Flusher” to take her down and restore order for the parents of Park Slope. Irene Glezos, Heather Girardi, Leanne Barrineau, and me, Alexandra Foucard, Instagram: @parkslopemoms, Twitter: @parkslopemoms_

I am also collaborating with an amazing writer and composer, David Sisco on a sultry cabaret entitled Comes Love ~ Songs from the Heart and Other Places in Provincetown, Cape Cod and New York. Check us

On Tap:

We are also creating a play with music and incorporating an exceptional artist, mother, and Broadway legend who's origin was Haitian, Ms. Josephine Premice.

Stay tuned!

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