Alexandra G Garcia

Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director in Pittsburg, CA

Alexandra G. Garcia's other current board seat is with CMC, or Chemphil Manufacturing Corp. She formerly worked at LMG Chemicals Corp. as the Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director. LMG Chemicals Corporation owns 100% of CMC. Technical grade and chemically pure sulfuric acid, oleum, and sulfur flakes are their principal products. Their operation recycles molten sulfur, a hazardous by-product of nearby oil refineries, in an ecologically acceptable (far below SO2 gas emissions regulations) manner. They are also contributing to the industrial community's periodic power constraint with a turbo generator that supplies power to nearby companies while reducing the Manila Electric Company's reliance. From 2002 until 2017, Alexandra G. Garcia sat on the board of LMG Chemicals Corp, where she served for over 15 years.