Alexandra Hilliard

Hey all! My name's Alexandra, and I am junior at Green Mountain College in Poultney, VT. I am a biology major and intend to go to medical school. I am a non-denominational Christian and often attend the services at the Methodist church in Poultney. I am on Student Senate as a Jr. Class Representative. I am also a member of Pre-Med/Pre-Vet club and Green Mountain College's Women's Rugby Football Club. I play soccer and lacrosse at GMC. I work in town at Shaw's in the mornings and on weekends.

On the weekends, when I don't have games or work the next day, I like to go to the local bar with my friends from work. I also like to go on car rides, familiarizing myself with this beautiful area. I live on campus, but spend most of my time in town with my boyfriend and his family. We have a kitten named Lionel, he's a sweet tabby who loves to talk! I like to read classic literature, play guitar, and sing. I also like playing video games, especially ones with zombies! When I have room to take extra credits each semester, I usually opt for music lessons or philosophy classes, because they're really cool! Psychology really interests me too. I'm kind of conservative, and deeply religious. At this point in my life, I am on an intense religious journey.

I'm originally from Brockton, MA. It's a city of one hundred thousand people, and is a low-income, urban area. In high school I ran track, my events were the 55m dash, 55m hurdles, 100m dash, 100m hurdles, relays, and long jump. I was a John & Abigail Adams scholar. My favorite classes in high school were Ecology and Latin! I have two brothers and a sister. My oldest younger brother attends the University of Massachusetts Amherst where he is on a football scholarship. My parents are in college too, they both enrolled after my first semester, so when I first came to college I was a first generation college student. I love my hometown, and visit as often as I can.

At this point in my education I am taking as many rigorous classes as I can, and getting as involved on campus as is possible without having a mental breakdown! I am also getting ready to take the GRE and MCAT, and am getting to know the application process for graduate and medical school admissions.

Some fun facts about me: I am African-American, love the color green, speak Haitian Creole, am afraid of beetles, and like listening to country music.