Alexandra Hurtado

Alexandra is a Naturopathic Doctor and holistic nutritionist. She owns and operates the Hillcrest Centre for Health on St Clair West in Toronto. Alexandra's practice focuses on women's health and pediatrics with a particular interest in fertility and reproductive care and has completed further training in this area.

She believes in finding and treating the root of disease in an individualized approach to health care. Having a nutrition background, Alexandra focuses on in depth dietary counselling, as well as other preferred methods of treatment including acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine and herbal medicine, among others. Alexandra's primary goal is always to educate her patients and tries to explain the body's complex processes in a way that patients can grasp, she believes in empowering her patients as the key to their health lies within their own hands.

Alexandra believes naturopathic healthcare should be accessible to all and is currently working with some colleagues to establish a foundation that will aim to improve access to complementary healthcare by removing financial barriers. In the meantime, Alexandra does offer a pay-what-you-can option for her patients.

Alexandra is also fluent in Spanish. She is a graduate from The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, The Institute of Holistic Nutrition and York University. She is a member of the CAND, OAND and is BDDT-N licensed.