Alexandra Davis

Santa Cruz Ca

My name is Alexandra, I was born and raised in a beach town located about 45 minutes away from San Jose, also known as Santa Cruz. I have yet to venture beyond these sandy shores but desire to travel very soon after I graduate in Spring 2014. As for a bit about myself; I enjoy hiking, being at the beach, and grew up playing soccer throughout my childhood. People have referred to me as sassy, outgoing, and compassionate towards others, which probably stems from being one of four children in my family. My parents and two brothers also live in Santa Cruz but my closest sibling, my sister, resides in Oregon. Early in my college experience I came to realize that I am passionate about healthy daily decisions, spanning from eating habits to personal relationships. Since then, I have devoted my academic career to Health Science and prospective Registered Nursing studies. I completed my Associates in Health Science at Cabrillo Community College while also finishing my nursing pre-reqs and obtaining a spot on the wait list for their nursing program. After coming to the conclusion that I would be waiting for quite some time I decided to pursue my four year degree at San Jose State University where I am currently finishing up my Bachelors degree in Health Science. I plan to pursue a Medical Assisting degree through the country ROP program if there is still adequate amount of time to wait for nursing school. It is also s goal of mine to learn Spanish again because I feel that it would be beneficial to my work as a nurse.

  • Work
    • The Seabright Brewery
  • Education
    • San Jose State University