Alexandra Kerr

Six months ago, all of the things that I desired out of life - more time freedom, additional income, being my own (successful) boss, and working from home were all dreams. These dreams, I believed, would never manifest themselves into reality...that is, until I found Usana Health Sciences Inc - the number one nutritional company on the market, and the most incredible 'job'.

I truly believe that as you grow up, you are conditioned to believe that being completely content with your life, and achieving big, incredible things happens very rarely - and for most of us, it just isn't in the books. Unfortunately, many of us continue to go to work each day being miserable, making just enough money to last us until the next paycheck, and being worked to the ground. I was one of these people, and Usana has truly chaned my life. It has allowed me to mentor amazing individuals who have nutritional goals, coach incredible team members on how to become financially free, and leave my full time job in order to work part time on a stable, ever increasing income.

Shouldn't life be like this for everyone? Shouldn't it be full of enjoyment, passion, freedom, and independence? Shouldn't it be full of amazing health, feeling energetic each morning as you wake, and helping others who reach out to you for insight?

I am grateful that I get to share my story with you, and I hope that you too, will be able to share a similar experience with me. Let's change the idea of what a job IS, and instead, see what it CAN be!