Alexandra Lederman

Pilates, Instruction, and Witch in Brooklyn, New York

My Pilates approach focuses on crafting an inner power; stimulating and inspiring physical, mental, and emotional strength.

I partially tore my Achilles when I was 12 during ballet. Deemed too young for surgery by my orthopedic surgeon, I was directed to rehabilitate through Pilates. Fast-forward, I broke my leg in 2015. With medical and physical therapy bills adding up and my debt accumulating, I promised myself once I healed I would begin my journey to make Pilates more accessible, to make Pilates classrooms more diverse, to make Pilates more affordable.

Hit me up for private, semi-private, or group class availability. Prices based on a sliding scale. 24hr cxl policy


  • Education
    • Queens College
    • University of California, Santa Barbara