Alexandra Monteiro

Musician and Student in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Hello, my name is Alexandra, but you can call me Alex. I am a student living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I am a piano player, band mate, musician, big sister, twin, student, and all around caring person. These are just a few words to describe me and what I do in life.

I am a straight A student and currently attending the Academy at Palumbo High School. While attending this school, I have achieved a 4.02 weighted GPA and a 3.82 unweighted GPA which put me in the top 50 of my class. I also have achieved honor roll for the three years I have been in high school. This is just a few examples of my academic achievement. Not only do I take education very serious, but I take it very seriously and make it my first priority.

When I am not in class, I am taking piano lessons at an after school program called Rock to the Future. It is a non-profit program that provides free music education to Philadelphia youth. In this program, I am also put into a band where we write original songs, perform cover songs, and perform at venues like World Cafe Live. During the summer, when the school year and program is over, I like to volunteer my time at Rock to the Future's summer camp. Throughout the summer camp, I taught young children how to play instruments, read music, write original songs, and get along with others in a week. I volunteered my time to this program because not only was it something I enjoyed doing over the summer, but this program taught me everything I knew about music and working with others. I wanted to give back to them in order to help this program thrive.

These are only a few things that describe me and my aspiration to live life to the fullest. I do a lot for myself and others and I plan to do more.