Alexandra Motz

When I was three, my mom entered me in a coloring contest at the YMCA's Christmas brunch. I sat in a pink fuzzy jacket surrounded by other kids my age who, to my confusion, quickly started scribbling. With only Christmas-colored crayons on the table, I couldn't start to fill in my Chris Cringle. Since they added peach for his face and black for his belt, I had everything I needed, one mother said. I can remember not understanding why she didn't understand. Where were all the other colors? Thankfully, she brought me a plastic coloring box full of all the Crayolas they had stashed away. I ended up with the flashiest rainbow Santa you've ever seen, a first place ribbon and a realization that sometimes people don't know what's awesome until you show it to them. A creative. A storyteller. A seeker of my own truth... and currently, the job that satisfies it all. Stand by.