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alex murphy

Buffalo, New York, United States

I've got a degree in art history but have worked in technology all of my adult life. My greatest asset is the ability to communicate and bridge the gap between users and the programmers and developers that create the systems they use.

Not having an IT degree has been more of a help than a hinderance to me. My design skills have served me well in creating innovative project dashboards, effective PowerPoint presentations and in designing SharePoint pages.

Having a background in training and quality assurance means every piece of work I turn out is understandable and the processes and procedures work well. Testing and training go hand and hand. If something doesn't work, it's pretty hard to teach anyone to use it well.

Team up with me and you'll be aligning yourself to an IT pro who can do all of the things your programmers and developers can't -- or don't want -- to do!

  • Work
    • Technology Professional - IT Generalist
  • Education
    • BA from the State University of NY College at Buffalo