Alexandra Rhett

Nashville, Tennessee

My name is Alexandra Rhett, and I am a recent graduate from The University of Alabama. I received a Bachelor's degree in Communication Studies with a focus in small business and organizational communication.


I attended a university with over 30,000 students. Due to such a large student body, I knew the campus had huge potential for charitable work. In 2009, I started The University of Alabama's very first Dance Marathon, a nationally recognized charity organization which benefits Children's Hospitals across the country. I worked tirelessly for three years to get our chapter of the organization where it is today. From its creation over five years ago, through its most recent event, we have raised over $200,000, and we have attracted participation from thousands of students.

I have a passion for communication. I am one of the few who actually enjoy public speaking!

My interpersonal skills bring out the best side of me, professional.

I can problem-solve or stragetic plan with ease no matter what company or individual I may be interacting with.

I am eagerly searching for a new place to bring my talents.

I am in an ideal position to be a hardworking and successful member of the workforce.

  • Education
    • The University of Alabama