Alexandra Tracy

New York, New York

One of the greatest passions I developed over the years was my appreciation and expanding knowledge of sports. Recently I found myself more than ever engaging in conversations about the expectations of players on the field. I have found myself in debates and heated exchanges about Kobe Bryant's development as a player and ability to live up to the expectations the media and fans have placed on him; to gain one more and ever important basketball title. In these exchanges I realized how much I truly loved talking about and watching sports. I write out the schedules of my favorite teams during preseason, hoping work obligations and appointments don't interfere with Sunday football days and west coast time basketball games during the week. I count down the days until Duke/UNC games where I am accompanied by my ever-obnoxious and dedicated UNC friends as we one-up each other every time an incredible play is executed. My love of sports has only increased in the past few years.

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