Alexandra Bailey

West Chester, Pa

The name's Alex. Last name Voigt, like the author--not the actor and father of Angelina...such a shame. ; )

Currently I live and work in West Chester, Pa, selling extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar at a quaint specialty shop downtown. Aside from my retail sales job, I love to write. I frequently attend various concerts in the tri-state area and compose performance reviews, album reviews and interviews with the many diverse bands and artists touring the area. The website is Tri State Indie.

My ardent life goal is either to become an established travel agent or to embrace my entrepreneurial spirit and open an entertainment venue embellishing and showcasing my passion for the art of music...or maybe I'll just do both. B)

***Penn State Grad***Journalist***Editor***

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    • Freelance Writer
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    • Penn State University