Alexandra Zelle Rettman

My name is Zelle, I am a Seattleite born and bred. I've been up the Space Needle so many times that I think they should print me my own punch card. I'm offended when people ask me how much it rains in Seattle, as if it is a bad thing. Walking around Green Lake takes me at least 5 hours because I need to pet every dog that I pass. I don't drink coffee but I love hot chocolate. If you're doing anything related to pizza and/or pasta you can count me in. I strongly believe that pajamas are appropriate for all occasions. In general I'm a total goofball but there is nothing funny about waking up early. I currently have three jobs. I'm currently working as the Director of Student Life and Grants Coordinator at Northwest Yeshiva High School, where I graduated from in 2010. I am the Communications Coordinator for the U District Partnership, a local chamber of commerce. And when I can fit it in I deliver groceries for Instacart, the Uber of groceries.

I live with others in the Seattle Moishe House. Moishe House is a non profit organization with the mission of providing programming and structure for young Jewish adults who recently graduated from college. Together my roommates and I plan 7 events a month with the hopes of building a strong and vibrant young adult Jewish community in Seattle.

I also volunteer for a local crisis clinic at least once a week.
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