Alexandr Belov

Oslo - Norway

A MA student in LIS (Library and Information Science) specializing in Digital librarianship with the background in Literary Studies with focus on anglo-american literary theory and english-speaking literature, and in Language studies with focus on English and French linguistics and semiotics.

Strong professional interest in critical theory, queer and post-queer theory, gender and sexuality, the topic of heteronormativity, the question of marriage and romantic love, the connection of literature to art, graphic novels, electronic literature (born digital artifacts with strong literary aspects and values), library as the place for collaboration and knowledge production, knowledge facilitation of marginalized information materials, the concept of new librarianship (collecting people and their expertise), online open research and open access, online collaboration and communication, digital reference librarianship, social media, semantic web and open linked data.

Interested in contemporary dance and dance theater, mindfullness, meditation, yoga, cycling and hiking in the nature, swimming, working on eco/organic farms, cultural exchange, art and exhibitions, photography, film, videoinstallations and new digital media, languages.

Originally from Chisinau, capital of Moldova. Ethnically half-russian and half-ukranian.

  • Work
    • Receptionist
  • Education
    • Linguistics, Literary studies, Library and Information Science