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Alexandre Fernandes

πŸ’‘ Lead Software Engineer in the Netherlands

I'm a seasoned software engineer with more than a decade of experience in IT, specialized in designing and developing solid, reliable, scalable and maintainable software solutions to an array of different scenarios.

Given the constant difficulties companies face on their regular routine, software engineers like myself are a critical asset to turn IT into a profitable investment and gain a competitive edge, whilst automating that operational burden.

Putting together my skills in software development and experience on different projects, clients leverage a high product quality that enjoys the best practices and standards applied in the market. Quality software, as stated by Robert Martin, is only written by people who care about it, who are concerned about how it will change and be maintained during its lifetime.

Businesses need solutions that have the best ROI possible, which are only achievable when quality is a major aspect. A conscious decision for quality helps reduce bugs, improve performance and embrace the main -illities that make projects succeed in the long-term.

My clients want the best value for their money. I care to deliver affordable software where quality ranks top while making their lives easier and still taking their business to the next level. It matters to me!

  • Work
    • CodeXpress
  • Education
    • Universidade Veiga de Almeida