Alexandre Marcondes

Android Developer, iOS Developer, and Polymath in Curitiba - PR - Brasil

Software engineer focused on mobile development on Android & iOS and more than 18 years of experience on Information Technology. With more than 40,000 hours of experience as a software developer and over 1,000 professionals trained on the subject. His vast experience with remote work groups on different arrangements allowed him to work with people from 4 continents and over 35 countries. Acknowledged for the quality of his products and training courses.

Former entrepreneur that learned and used Lean Startup methodologies, Agile methodologies, project management and self-taught business administration to build a software-as-service company focused on efficient and simple to use family security (parental control) product - Kidux. For such studyed digital (Internet and mobile) behavior, pornography effects on the human brain and the society, children education, human personality development and related subjects.

Coaching Professional Formation with Eliana Dutra and International Formation in Coaching by Integrated Coaching Institute (ICI) - Rhandy Di Stéfano . Licensed Facilitator by Corporate Coach U International (CCUI). Information Technology consultant with graduation on Data Processing Technology.

Specialties: Android Operating System,Entrepreneurship, Startups, Agile Methodologies. Project Management

IT Training, Software Development

  • Education
    • Project Management MBA
    • Data Processing Technology