Alexandre GENEST

I’m living in Lille since September 2013 as a student in ESPOL, the European school of Political and social sciences, included in the Catholic University of Lille’s campus. My goal consists to become a journalist in the future.
When I hint at my personality, I’m rather submissive and shy a person, even though I’m regarded as an ambitious, stubborn and faithful person. In a nutshell, I look like a conventional individual.
However, I have developed plentiful personality facets so that I’m a multifaceted individual. Indeed, it began when I was 13 years old, when I was in high school. Most of my classmates considered me as a submissive guy without a patter of authority or repartee. Even if the other were nasty and mean towards me, I used not to reply to them, so as to defend myself. I managed to be smart though. While the others were laughing at me, I thought about the hidden strategy and behaviours to apply to solve the situation and even be aggressive.
At the first sight, people could advocate that I’m gentle and shy but in fact, I could be rather mean, down-to-earth and a bit rebellious too. I was, and I’m still aiming at leaving the beaten track or path. This tale or part of my personality is not noticeable directly though.

When I grew up, I became meaner towards my parents, who had given me a strict upbringing. Trey praised me as they were well aware of the fact that I was the sweetest kid on earth. Therefore, they were pretty stirred and shocked by this hard side of my person.

Since then, I have managed to be more sensible, even though I can’t completely get rid of this embarrassing facet.

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