Alexandre Abela

A certain sensibility, a unique outlook, a different style. Alexandre Abela, founder of the CHIC ST BARTH MAGAZINE, knew what it took to establish a veritable notoriety via his work within the worlds of luxury and couture in Saint Barthélemy… Born in 1977 in Paris, to parents in the art world, as a young child Alexandre was enveloped in a universe brimming with creativity. Early on he was interested in music and became the artistic director for such labels as ScorpioMusic, where he envisioned and created the visual identity of various artists. Following a project that brought him to Saint Barthélemy, Alexandre decided to unpack his bags and make the island his permanent home, as the perfect launching pad for his magazine and to develop his work as a photographer. His independent nature quickly led him to inaugurate a new definition of artistic fashion photography: nonchalant and witty. Discrete but incredibly present, he infuses his work with a distinct identity. He will add an elegant frivolity, in a language that is both personal and contemporary, to your projects as well.