Alexandrea J. Wilson

A student, a friend, an advice giver, an actress, a believer in positivity and God. Those are a few ways to describe me.

Professionally, I spend my nights staying up late researching and writing since I am a graduate student.

My passions are performing arts, learning coping skills for difficult emotions like depression and anxiety, volunteering, encouraging people to pursue their passions and find happiness even when life feels bleak and creating new things.

I create informative and fun videos filled with advice, I write blogs for sites like Devotional Diva, Womanhood With Purpose, and The Mt. Ephraim Center

One of the greatest parts of being online is collaborating with others & I'd love to work with you!
So if you'd like to work together on a video, or writing then contact me through one of my links down below!

  • Education
    • Bachelors of Science in Family Studies