alexandre bastien

Consultant and Social Media Manager in Ville de Québec, Québec, Canada

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I introduce myself, I'm Alexandre Bastien a passionate consumer behavior, travel and gastronomy. I studied teaching, a discipline that allowed me to follow a diverse variety of courses ranging from psychology to the law through didactics. It was this material that still serves me every day now, since allowed me to understand how the brain learns. After training for four years, I did a certificate in administration and an MBA in Management from Université Laval.

Alexandre Bastien: Work experience

I started my career at the age of 18 years at the Société des alcools du Québec where I remained in office for more than 9 years. This is also within the SAQ that I could develop my leadership and my ability to handle the staff effectively. At the end of my MBA, I was lucky enough to land a job Trade marketing manager for eastern Quebec in the Molson brewery. I rose through the ranks and held various positions for almost 9 years. During this period, I developed my expertise in sales and marketing. Then I accepted a new challenge when I accepted the position of Division Director for the City of Quebec, a position I held for almost 3 years. Finally, in the early forties, I decided to fulfill one of my dreams and devote myself entirely to the world of consulting, a role that fits very well with my personality.

Alexandre Bastien: staff

I am fortunate to have a perfect wife and two beautiful children who are resplendent health. Through them I learned to discover basketball, a sport that is becoming my favorite hobby! I also have two passions that occupy much of my free time, I am a gourmet and a clever traveler. I love to receive people at home and prepare a meal or a dish they do not know and they will long remember. As for my passion for travel and the discovery of other people, my life choices do not allow me to exercise it to its full potential, but I try to add one to two destinations annually. My favorite city is unquestionably Prague, which always reminds me of good memories, since I got married.

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