Alexandre Ber

Not everyone is willing to spend their time and career giving back to the earth and those individuals living on it, but Alexandre Ber is one such person. It takes a special individual to be willing to spend time doing this sort of work, and it takes a special drive to have the foresight to go provide such services to the rest of the community.

Of course, anyone can select this career, but not everyone is successful in it. Alexandre Ber is of the exception. Since his humble upbringings in Colorado to his current position now, Alexandre has proven himself time and time again, not just in the ability to improve green developments on the planet, but also to prove successful in the line of work and prosper.

Alexandre Ber has already seen the world a bit differently from the rest of the community, and it is this ability to see what is not always seen that makes him so successful. Throughout many communities in the world, there is an extreme housing shortage, with people finding it difficult to afford larger houses and pay for extreme rents located in most cities. It is with this thought in mind that Alexandre decided to create an experiment known as Tiny Home and Tree Houses.

His small, tree based houses range drastically in size, from 50 square feet to 750 square feet. These homes have proven successful green alternatives to many vacation homes, as investors are looking for ways to go green, yet experience daily life in a slightly different way. It is these homes that have been featured throughout some of the largest green-based magazines in the country, including Treehouse Magazine, Mother Jones, Living Green Magazine and Outside.

Alex isn't just focused on building green products, but also promoting eating and living green as well. It is his believe that it takes a full, conscious effort to make the planet a better place. This is also done through basic produce and products on sale in the area; specifically locally grown produce. The locally grown produce helps cut down the cost of manufacturing, transportation and puts money back into the pockets of local farmers.

Alex believes simple living doesn't need to be ordinary, as not only does he dine on local produce and live in a tree house, but he enjoys sailing on his 1976, 22 foot boat "O'Day," among other vessels he owns.