Alexandre Bonotto

President of Hullwasher America in Miami, Florida

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Alexandre Bonotto is an innovator, Real estate investor. At 34 years old, Bonotto, who was born in the year of 1981 in Montreal, Canada, is the president of Hull Washer America – Blue Sea Thinking, but he didn’t just land the top position at the company located in Miami, Florida by sheer luck.

While he is still young, Quebec-born Mr. Bonotto has a long professional and business experience behind him. He started his education at College Marie de France and went on to graduate from Lower Canada College, before rounding up his studies at Western University.

Bonotto’s early professional years were spent as a sports instructor. He was one of the youngest snowboarding instructors at Mont Tremblant and also served as a part-time tennis instructor. His sports and outdoors experience also includes a black belt ranking in karate and good sailing and surf skills, which he learned from a young age and allowed him to form a bond with the ocean and the environment, ultimately shaping up his future.

Alexandre Bonotto went on to work in the Real Estate business and become an industry expert in the course of his 15 years of experience selling high-end properties, during which he helped build and launch several successful businesses.

At the current time, Alexandre Bonotto is working on a project that is not only revolutionary and very exciting but also very near and dear to his ocean-loving heart. Alexandre is the President of Hull Washer America, an eco-friendly venture that is sure to revolutionize the process of hull washing in the very near future, as it is the first of its kind.

While Alexandre is very committed to his revolutionary, eco-friendly venture, he still loves to enjoy and share his outdoors experiences with others, which is why you can easily find him online, posting and re-posting stunning content about his passions and ventures on social media like YouTube and Vine.

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