Alexandre Gomez

Administration in São Paulo, Brasil

Alexandre Gomez

Administration in São Paulo, Brasil

Hi there! You can call me Alex!

At the top of my 37 years old, I can tell you that I’m doing well and I’m a very happy married person.

Love is part of my life and it surrounds me wherever I go.

I love to practice sports, one of my favorite is Muay Thai and recently, I started cycling again. Every time that I have a chance, I like to read a good book too.

About my education, few years ago in São Paulo, I got my Post Degree in Production Management at USP / Poli. And my Bachelor in Business Administration at Faculdade Luzwell.

Moreover, I've done other continuing study programs at University of Toronto - Canada. And now, I’m currently studying the EMBA at University of Pittsburgh

I lived 3 years in Canada (place btw where I took my profile picture) and in 2015 I moved back for good to Brazil. It’s being nice to be home again, family and good friends around.

Regarding my professional experience, I’m very talented person which loves the dynamics in the workplace environment. Started my career in Finances, changed to Facilities Management, and I also had the opportunity to work in Logistics & Sales. And then, after 10 years or so, I came back to the Finance & Admin area and since there, my days have been busy with new challenges every day.

Well, this is a little bit of me and I wish to see you around!

If you want to contact me, please send a message!

All the best,