Alexandre Luna

Consultant, Software Engineer, and Faculty in State of Pernambuco, Brazil

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Alexandre Luna is founder of e, PhD and MSc in Computer Science from Computer Centre (CIn) at Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE), Brazil, in Agile Governance and Software Engineernig areas, with collaborative (sandwich) exchange period at The University of British Columbia (UBC), Canada. MBA in Strategic IT Management. Chemical Engineer from UFPE. He has ITIL, COBIT and CSM certification, as well as he is a PMI member. He is a researcher of the Research Group, as well as the Research Group in Project Management (GP2) of the Computer Centre (CIn-UFPE), and the Telehealth Centre at the Universitary Clinics Hospital (NUTES/HC-UFPE). Professor of Undergraduate and Graduate in Computer and IT Management. He has over 20 years experience as scholar and practitioner in Software Engineering and Computer Science, and he is author of book and several articles, having emphasis in Governance and Management, and acting on the following topics: Agile Governance, IT Governance, Agile Methods, Project Management, IT for Education, Telemedicine and telehealth, e-Business, Service Management, ITIL, COBIT, PMBOK and MAnGve.

Expertises: He has experience in Computer Science, with emphasis on Software Engineering, acting in the following branches: Agile Governance, Project Management, IT Governance, Telehealth / Telemedicine, Health Informatics, e-Business, Software Engineering, Agile Methodologies, ITIL, COBIT, MAnGve and PMBOK.

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