Alexandre Pita

Amora, Setubal, Portugal

Hello friend! First of all, I do a lot of things. I never stop learning and evolving.

I always liked creating small businesses and projects with friends to either make money or just learn. That's the reason why I study Business and HR management in Universidade Europeia now. Creator and owner of several websites and blogs, I've also participated in some Start-up competitions.

But I do a lot of things apart from my academic field.
Cultural: I'm a musician (piano and trombone) and teacher. I read a lot of personal development books and economy magazines.

Health & Sports: Played field hockey for some years. Now I do bodybuilding, which requires me to study a lot of nutrition and science.

World: Every year I try to evolve myself by travelling in productive ways. I've participated in some youth exchanges and do voluntary work with both small and major worldwide organizations (Red Cross, CISV).

To sum up, I try to be active in many sides of life, experiencing a lot of what the world has to offer me. And I give back in the same proportion :)

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