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Alexandria Genesis

Wonderland | New Jersey, soon to be in Oklahoma

My name is Andromeda Ayala. I am also known as Alexandria. I was born on May 3rd in New York City. I then moved to Jersey City, NJ which is at the moment where I currently reside. I will moving to Norman, Oklahoma on June 24th. I am an artist, in multiple senses of the word. My stage name IDOL affiliating with my rap. I also am a visual and performing artist, in singing, dancing, and acting. Since the system of schools in Jersey are basically horrible I dropped out my sophomore/junior year, I plan to return to school when I move. I am very outspoken, love learning, weird, ridiculous, and maybe just a bit insane, but it's okay because everyone's got problems. I find beauty in the simplest things and embrace them, such as nature, life, learning, books, shows, art, vinyl, cassettes, fashion, skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding, football, baseball, swimming, meditating, weed. Yes, I do smoke. It is a more than amazing help to my anxiety and insomnia. I say keep in organic, everything. I love math, mostly algebra & geometry, literature, of any type, science, I love all sciences but favorite is astronomy (probably because of my name), and of course history and learning of other cultures. I am very big on peace and equality. Many can never put a guess on my nationality but I have 50% Venezuelan, 25% Cherokee Native American, and 25% different Caucasian nationalities, mostly European. Many also ask what my name means and my name is basically a Greek queen of Ethopia, the victim of Medusa. It is also the closest galaxy to the Milky Way as well as a constellation. Andromeda means "lead of all men", ironically. And my fathers choice of my name being Alexandria Genesis is a the mutation for those who would have genetic purple eyes. My life has been one hell of a trip, with obstacles I'd never thought I'd witness or have to experience. However, I definitely embrace the hard times, because you should. The hard times are what make good times, good times. Life is filled with things that will knock you down but you've got to get up from your fall. As a quote I always say, "without our deepest fantasy, we wouldn't know this harsh reality". I am a humanist, a generalist, a mental health activist, atheist, and anarchist. To hear updates on my music, you can follow me on soundcloud. To see videos I will eventually post, subscribe to me on YouTube. To see where what I do and where I go you can follow me on Instagram.

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