Alex Clark

Basically, I am Ellen Degeneres. I have thought about this time and time again, but I truly do believe that in another life I was Ellen. I have yet to meet Ellen in this current life, but just the feeling I have in my heart and soul tells me that we are connected deeper than just the interest I have in her show. I aspire to be Ellen. I admire her strength, courage, compassion, and desire to help others.

Ellen also uses her platform as a popular day-time talk show host to speak about matters that are important to her like equality for all. Ellen shows her compassion for animals through her donations to animal rights organizations and her promotion of campaigns for better treatment of animals.

My favorite thing about Ellen is her desire to spread peace and kindness around the world. She ends every episode saying "Be kind to one another," which truly epitomizes Ellen's character. Ellen is very involved in helping stopping bullying.

In one of the most controversial episodes of television in history, Ellen Degeneres' character on her sitcom "Ellen" revealed that she was gay. At this time, our society ostracized the LGBT community, so her show was cancelled. Ellen did not let this stop her. She spoke out and used her voice to influence producers to let her have her own talkshow. Ellen pioneered a movement because she was not afraid to speak her voice.

Today, Ellen uses her platform to promote awareness for our world's issues. She has her guests and audience play games to raise money for breast cancer awareness, and she constantly partners with organizations like Shutterfly to donate money to fund research for diseases like ALS.

Maybe this "biography" isn't about me, or how I was Ellen in a previous life, or even how I think we have some crazy connection, but it is more-so an ode to my role model, who I aspire to be through my daily actions and practices. In my opinion, writing about Ellen tells more about the person I am and the person I want to be than would a short story about the life events of Alex Clark.

So yes, I love Ellen. People like Ellen give me hope and faith in humanity. So, as I channel my inner-Ellen, I ask you to spread happiness, love yourself, use your platform to raise your voice, and most importantly: be kind to one another.