Alexandria Frenkel

Alexandria Frenkel was born to an Alabama TV man and a Colorado Beauty Queen

twenty-some-odd years ago (which explains her love of TiVo and big hair). She began at

Piven Theatre Workshop as a child and worked her way up to a BFA in Acting from NIU,

training under Kathryn Gately. She's found herself on many Chicago stages since

graduating in 2009. Actress, comedienne and writer, she is eager to make a

lasting impression on this fine city. When not acting or writing, she enjoys sewing

and baking, and if she could have one wish, it would be for world peace.

Feel free to reach out for official headshot, resume, writing samples, or baking tips.

You can also catch Alex with her improv teams, Pancakes Tonight! and

The Spotty Truth, all 'round the Chicagoland area.