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Alexandria Johnson

Unemployed in Dunkirk, Indiana

Date me

I am 21 years old and like to mingle. I am 5'7" tall and am a BBW. My favorite feature is my blue eyes. I am very pale skinned. My body isn't perfect or runway model material but I like it. I do work daily to sculpt myself into the image I want and I do it for me. I love to chat with people who can have conversations. I'd love to meet a guy who can love me for my personality and my heart. I am easy going on most days. I am pretty outgoing and love being weird in public. I don't get embarrassed easily and I enjoy awkward situations but never cause them. I hate the phrase Netflix and Chill. Don't EVER ask me that if you are actually wanting to get to know me. I'm not looking for a random hook up and no I don't want to see pictures of your genitals. I want a real conversation with a real person. I tend get along with most people but I don't really like anyone. People make me nervous and uncomfortable. I have one best friend and she happens to be the only female friend I have so if you don't like women who have many guy friends then look somewhere else. I don't do well with men who try to tell me what I can and can't do. I am usually right but always admit when I am wrong. I will try anything once. I would like to go backpacking through Europe someday. I have two sisters who I am pretty close to. I am the oldest. I do smoke and drink. I don't drink often but I love my wine. I don't smoke that much either. I can make two packs last me a week sometimes more depending on my stress level. I haven't done much with my life but I am proud of the two poems I have gotten published even if I wasn't paid. I was recently asked to submit another poem for publishing so I am pretty happy. I am a romantic and would like to meet a guy who is as well. I have always had that white picket fence dream for me and I won't stop till I have it. So yes I have high standards but I give most a chance. Feel free to send me messages. I talk to most people. I do have dating rules but you only get to know those if we get that far.