Alexandria Klimowicz

Over the past four years I have been studying Interior Design at The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. My entire life I have had a passion for design and desire to learn more. While studying interior design I have learned a great deal of technique and refined my creative style. What separates me is my commitment to a high level of contribution towards the organization?s goals. I believe making the clients experience enjoyable, memorable and impactful is one of the highest priorities. Because of my love for design, it has inspired me to have an incredible work ethic and commitment to the business. I am not a person with excuses; I commit to a project and have always been considered extremely dependable. I have been working since I was fourteen-years old and at every position I have been recognized for my reliability and fun personality. Are you looking for an employee who can encourage and motivate people to recognize their style and also be a team player willing to work with the team? If so, I am the person who can deliver these contributions. As you will note on my resume, the breadth of my expertise covers a wide area of responsibilities. I am a hard working, ambitious leader and motivator. I am recognized for team- building, creative problem solving and for a high degree of commitment to the field of Interior Design.