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Alex Dumitrescu

Bristol, United Kingdom

I can easily say that I am characterized by curiosity towards all science fields, and I strongly believe that asking simple questions can be the key to many problems. It is my strong personal belief that every individual can be useful to his society and this is the reason why I actively involved myself in several volunteering projects. Although it is a common belief that IT specialists spend all their time in front of the computer, that does not apply to me because I realized recreational activities can improve my efficiency. I enjoy playing tennis which strengthened my strategy skills and anticipation capacity. Nevertheless I look forward to meeting students from different parts of the world, fact that will allow me to get a better insight on international cultures.

Programming - C, Java, Python
Web development - HTML, CSS, JS, PL/SQL, NodeJS
Languages spoken - Romanian (native), English (advanced), Spanish (beginner), French (beginner)

  • Work
    • Morgan Stanley
  • Education
    • Scoala Generala Nr. 79 "Acad. Nicolae Teodorescu"
    • Colegiul National de Informatica Tudor Vianu
    • University of Bristol